Stage V Heads For 440

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Jerry Anderson, Panama City Beach, FL, 1970 Plymouth Cuda

Hello Mr. Ehrenberg,

I am building a 70 Hemi Cuda Clone. I am planning to install a Hemi witha 4 speed. I have read about the Stage V conversion heads for 440 blocks. Ihave 3 440’s. My question, are these good heads? And which way would you go,with these on a 440 or a new crate hemi? thanks


Jerry, there’s nothing wrong with the Stage V Engineering heads, they flowwell and make plenty of power. But then you’ll have a one-off engine withparts that are basically non-interchangeable with anything else. And arelatively weak block, to boot.

The crate Hemi, when it reappears sometime next spring, will be built byBarton (the last batch was done by Cummins) and will be a super-qualityproduct, with the clear advantage of 100% parts interchangeability with anyother Hemi.

If you’re in a rush, you’ll be using a used block, be it 426H or 440W, sincethe reason that there’s no crate engines is that the MP blocks are on IGBO(intergalalctic back-order), although Barton has a small stash of ’em.Alternately, finding a good, factory cross-bolted Hemi block, and havingsomeone like Barton build it, seems like today’s best plan.


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