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Creig Hobbs, Churubusco, IN, 1956 Dodge pick up 354

I’m building an old 354 Hemi for my ’56 pick up. I plan onusing a 6-71 blower and aluminum heads.
Now here’s the question,: Propane?
104 octaine, $0.99 a gallon, cleaner (blower), cooler (detination), whydon’t more people use this stuff? Tank space is all can think of, but thisis a truck, I have 8ft. of “trunk” space so thats not a problem.Unfortunatly I haven’t found anyone knowlodgeable on this subject. I can’tsee it being that hard it’s been done on tractors for years. I’ve seen lotsof Holley kits on trucks and injected big trucks & equipment so it’s outthere some place. If anybody knows E’s got to be the man. Thank for agreat mag and better tech.


Creig, as you mentioned, the high-pressure cylinder(s) don’t readily adaptto the same area once occupied by the gasoline tank. But the other importantreasons are the cost of retrofitting and refill hassle – in mostmetropolitain areas, the infrastructure) — places to, literally, “gasup” — is near zero. Sure, you can fill up your barbeque bottle with alittle hose, even then, they typically prefer to swap cylinders with you.But fill up your truck? Nah.

Then there’s the “danger” factor, nothing to scoff at. (Remember, farmtractors aren’t likely to be t-boned at an intersection!) But there’s noquestion that everything you say is true. As long as you realize what you’regetting into, don’t let me hold you back. I just hope you don’t smoke!


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