440 .060 Overbore?

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nawaf balushi, east riffa, kingdum of bahrain, 1974 dodge challenger 440 c.i

I Know that you are so busy, so I’ll make it fast, I’m driving a 1974′ 440dodge challenger.
I’m planning to stroke up my engine into a 500 c.i.d with an aluminumheads, sounds good right?
So, my question is : can I run an over size 0.60 into 130F desert climate?I have been told that if I fix an alloy heads with a 2 core alloy radiatorand a 160f thermostat will solve the problem, Is that true ?
A little help here will be appreciated.


First, I assume you mean 0.060″ not 0.60″ o/s.

I never advise boring 0.060″ since that weakens the cylinder walls andreduces power. A good ring seal is MUCH more important to making power thanthe last few cubic inches!

I would advise the largest 3-row, large-tube, brass and copper radiator youcan find (or have made). You may be able to squeeze in one as wide as 28″.You’ll need a large, deep-pitch 7-blade engine-driven fan about 1″ from the radiator, high-flow water pump, good shroud, lower air dam, and making surethe hood seals properly to the radiator yoke. A few “pusher” electric fanson the front of the radiator may help in city traffic. Also use a bottle or2 of “Red Line Water Wetter”, and use only about 25% anti-freeze, also add acan of rust resistor.

Be sure there’s plenty of spark advance. Late timing adds lots of heat.

If the engine is sealed propely, you might try a 20 or 22 PSI “race”pressure cap.

The thermostat won’t make any difference.


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