John Matthews, Grimes, IA, 1999 Dodge B1500 318

My buddies and I bought a 1999 B1500 318 Conversion Van to go tailgating in. On initial start up there is no oil pressure, after a couple seconds it will go up to 40 psi then drop back down to 0 psi. I am reading this on the stock gauge, but I can hear the lifters clatter so I know the pressure is actually dropping.

We’re going to try and replace the oil pump first and see what happens, worried that it may have been driven a bit with no oil pressure and not quite sure of any additional damage that may have occured. My dad has a 1991 B2500 van with a318, other than swapping the intake from the 1999 to the 1991, what else will need to be interchanged to get the 1991 motor into the 1999 van? Will the ps pump, air conditioning and alternator mounts in the block be the same? B Van Blues! Thank you


I suspect a plugged oil pickup screen (sludge). Definitely the first thing I’d do is swap the pump and pickup and clean out the pan. Make sure there’s NO gasket between the pump and the bearing cap. I’d then fill it with cheap oil, warm it up, add a can of sludge flush, run it at fast idle for 10 minutes, than change it again.

Easy job. Then drive it. Might need new bearings but I’m guessing you’ll be OK. In your climate, though, use nothing thinner than 15W40 oil.

91 and 99 318s are TOTALLY different. (The big change was 1992, SMPI) The only parts that swap are the crank and connecting rods. Even the blocks, head end ‘accessory” drillings, etc., are far different. The intake cannot be swapped. Get that idea out of your mind!


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