A Firm Challenge – E-body suspension upgrades with Firm Feel and more

A Firm Challenge


dale franklin, hudson, NC, 1972 dodge challenger 360

my Challenger was originally a 318 with at, ps, drums all around. Now it has a 360, 4V, 727, I am going to do your disc brake swap as soon as I round up all the parts. I plan on keeping my 14 inch ralleys. The steering has always been sloppy. Too much play, not enough feel. The car seems to wander going down the road. esp. while I am in the brakes, what canI do to tighten up the power steering?


Dale, aside from the obvious blueprinting-being sure that all linkage bits and suspension bushings are tight and free of any play or slop, here’s the short list:

> > Install Firm Feel Box (assumes PS) www.firmfeel.com
> > Install low profile performance radials
> > Set caster to at least +2.5 deg
> > Install 11/16″ tie rods
> > Reinforce K-member to make steering box mount more rigid


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