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Mark Matteson, Bridgeport, WV, 1966 Chrysler Newport 383

I have a 1966 Chrysler Newport. Except for the winter months when salt ison the road, the car is a daily driver.

I am rebuilding the 383, keeping it mostly stock except for hardenedexhaust valve seats, 0.020 inch oversixe pistons, and a high pressure oilpump. Since I intend to use the Newport to pull a 5000 pound trailer, I wantto make three other upgrades; intake manifold, 4 bbl carburetor, and cam.

The original intake manifold was for a 2bbl carb; if I have read thecasting correctly, it is a 2205737 manifold. I have a 4 bbl manifold on thebench with casting numbers 3830949-F and a date code of 6-14-77. Is this anacceptable manifold for use on my 1966 383?

I would like to put a 4 bbl carb on the engine as well. What would be agood cfm selection for a daily driver occasionally pulling a trailer?

Finally, I am thinking of using an RV grind cam. Is this a good choice,or should I consider another cam?

Thank you, Mark Matteson



I didn’t look up the casting number, but, assuming it’s off a ’70s 400, themanifold would fit fine. I’d use a stock 850 CFM T-Q (1970s) on it,complete with choke setup.

Your stock 383-2 cam IS basically an RV grind! The key is minimal overlap(i.e., large lobe sep. number)

Now…my ideas:
It costs no less – maybe more – to rebuild this 383 than it would to do acheapo cast-crank ’70s 440. Then you’d have better heads (flow, INDUCTIONhardened seats) longer stroke (really helps torque) and about 60 more cubes.

I’d also get a pair of C-body hi-po exhaust manifolds and a set of 2.5″pipes. Gotta take out the trash!


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