Turbo for 2.5L

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William Bowers, Gallatin, TN, 1995 dodge dakota 2.5L

I am wanting to know what i need to install a turbo on my truck?it has a 2.5L four banger in it now.i drive @350 miles per week to work and like the fuel economy very much.i just want to add a little more power to the daily drive. the truck is a stone stock 1995 dakota sport with a 5-speed manual tranny.would a complet engine with turbo from, say a mid 90s spirit work?



This is surely possible, but not easy. The biggest headaches are the factthat most passenger car 2.5s didn’t have the mounting lugs for thenorth-south engine installation, and the electronics problem. You’d need toswap over the electronics totally from your truck-only JTEC hardware to thecar/minivan-based SBEC system. These are totally different systems, sharingvirtually nothing. The wiring would be a hassle, to say the least. I’veworked around electronics all my life, and, unless it were some veryinteresting, reward-rich project car, I wouldn’ touch it with a 10-footpole!

While I agree that turbo-ing the 4-banger would be one very god way toimprove performance without trashing fuel economy, actually achieving it, itboth time, aggravation, and financial stress, probably makes this anon-starter. In my humble opinion, anyway!


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