8-3/4″ Rear in ’73 Scamp

Tech Question


Michael Peterson, sedro-woolley, WA, 73 Plymouth Scamp 360

Hello, I found a 8-3/4″ rear end out of a 1972 1/2-tontruck. I was wondering if it could be used in my ’73 Scamp without major mods? It will not be a full racecar, just for fun. It now has a 7-1/4 ”


If you mean just the pig, sure. Find an A-body housing and axles and bolt ittogether. It would also be possibel to shorten the housing and relocate theperches (to stock A-body specs), keep the truck rear brakes, and use 4.5″bolt pattern axles (Moser, Yukon, etc.). If you get real luckly – (findingenough large-diameter “bare” length) – the truck’s axles might even be ableto be shortened to A-body length.


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