440 Intake Manifold

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Glenn Lackey, Burley, ID, 1971 plymouth Road Runner 440

Rick….I appreciate your rag, great articles. (I’ll avoidthe “20 questions”, even though I have several); My 440 is bored .060″ over,supposedly has a 270H cam, TRW slugs, stock heads, 4-speed; I put a Holley770 on. Should I swap to a double-plane intake? (mine is the Torkersingle-plane); I’m not racing or running at high RPM. If so, what intake doyou recommend?


If the engine neve sees over, say, 5500 RPM, then a dual plane would be aslightly better choice. But since, with such a mild cam, this engineprobably has torque up the yazoo even now, I don’t think the swap would beworth the hassle or expense.

If you do go ahead, there’s not a helluva lot of difference between any ofthe intakes, even a stock iron one is fine. The old Edelbrock CH-4B did agood job, as does the MP M-1.


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