8-3/4″ Rear For Up-Powered 440

Tech Question


Matt Kirby, Wacheeta, KS, 1971 Dodge Charger 440

I have a spare 8 3/4″ axle, 489 pumpkin to replace myCharger’s stock 8.25″. I am planning a pretty unusual engine swap withexpected torque at about 700 ft-lb. Transmission type is undecided. I’veread that the 8 3/4 axle is pretty efficient, but how does it compare forultimate torque and horsepower handling capability, especially with aworse-case scenario manual trans? The car won’t be raced with any amount offrequency. Thanks for your advice


Matt, it will have a reasonable life expectancy with a 4-pinion diff, goodaxles and hardware, and, mainly, tires that never hook up! If the shorttimes get much under 1.7 secs, in a car that heavy…poof! OK, more like:”Blam!”

Plus, aggressive shifts with a manual trans and aggressive clutch wouldhasten the demise. Even without ever hooking up.

Really, since you’re pretty much starting from zero, a Dana makes the mostsense. Those 8.75″ parts are pretty valuable at the moment. They areworthlesss after you blow them to smithereens!

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