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Russ, Fox Lake, WI 1994 Dodge Dakota 4×4 3.9 v6

I plan on dumping a 360(carbureted) in my 94 dakota thissummer. I wanna know if the overdrive off button will still work if I takeout the PCM?Is there any other problems I might run in to with the tranny?It’s an A500 (42RH).


No, the button will not work. It will not shift into overdrive at all – itwill be a 3-speed. You’ll need to wire up a manual switch, applying +12VDCto the 2-pin connector will ‘turn on’ the OD, and visa-versa. But this isall kind of moot, anyway. If you make any HP and torque at all, the trans isgonna be a ‘short term’ piece…These barely lasted behind stock TBI 318s!



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