9-1/4″ Axle Durability

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Mike Close, Chattaroy, WA, 1975, Plymouth, Duster, 225

I have a question about the durability of 9 1/4″ dodgeaxle. How stronge is it compared to an 8 3/4 or Dana 60? I have one out of aRamcharger, and want to know if it is worth narrowing and putting under myduster when I build a 451 for it. Thank you Mike Close


Absolutely! While not as strong as the Dana 60, it’s quite a bit strongerthan the 8-3/4″, lots cheaper and easier to find, and only slightly heavier.The currently available Sure-Grip is even the Spicer clutch type!

When you have it narrowed, you’ll have to decide whether to stay with theC-clip type of axle retention, or convert to Ford pickup truck wheelbearings. My choice is the first option. Moser Engineering can handleeither. Be sure to use the later (roughly ’85-up) large C-clip setup (and acorresponding late diff.)

Another plus is that it’s a super-easy rear to work on. Theexternally-adjustable backlash and diff bearing preload is a wonderfulthing! And the crush spacer is beefy, eliminating the occasional failedspacer syndrome seen in #489 8-3/4″ axles, while making pinion setup a snap.

Go for it.


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