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Tech Question

Kenneth East, Rixeyville, VA, 73 Plymouth Cuda, 340

After adjusting the solid lifters ( I have Crane Goldroller rockers) I find #7 exhaust and #2 intake adjusting screws flush withthe locknuts. All other adj screws are sowing 3-4 threads. Any thoughts as towhy just these two screws would be affected? After finding TDC I adjust bothintake and exhaust valves of same cylinder according to firing order.


Assuming that you have these lobes properly on the base circle whenadjusting, I would suspect worn lifters (probably dished). Even if it’s allnearly new. Pull out these pushrods and be sure that they are not bent, thenpull the lifters for a looky-see. If they are slightly domed, great.Perfectly flat, OK. Any dish = bad news. If you’re luckly, the cam lobesmight still be OK – depending on mileage, spring pressure, etc.



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