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Dan VanWinkle, Panora, IA, 1967 Dodge Coronet 383

First off, thanks for a great mag and the tech section. Ineed a little advice on what engine to use. I have a 1965 383 original, a2bbl engine thats in very good shape, recent rebuild with 4-bbl 600CFM carband Performer intake. I also have a 1972 440 4bbl out of a motor home with49,000 miles it is in very good shape. The 383 is in my ’67 Coronet now butI am thinking of switching to the 440. I will be adding a mild cam kit likea 383 /440 mag grind and lifters to one of these engines plus headers. Withboth being decent condition long blocks which one will wake up the best? Therest of the car: 727 trans, stock converter, pretty tall rear gears 2.94:1in the 8-3/4. I’m just wanting to get in the 330 to 350 HP range with eitherengine.

Thanks for your time.


Two factors swing the pendulum over to the 440 for sure:

> The longer stroke will be much nicer with the tall gears.
> The cylinder heads are MUCH better on the ’72. And, depending on the builddate, it may have hardened exhaust seats for safe operation on unleadedfuel.

This assumes that you have a normal-looking “light duty” 440, not theversion with the oddball heads, cooling, valve rotators, etc.

The stock intake manifold on the ’72 accommodates the stock 850 T-Q carb,which is about as good as it gets for a street mixer.



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