Disc Brakes for 8-3/4″ Rear

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Ron Boyd, Denver, CO, 1967 Plymouth Satellite 440

Hello. I’d like to put aftermarket disc brakes into my 8.75rearend without using Green bearings. I’m not into drag racing, so I needthe side-loading capability of roller bearings. My housing is in sad shape,so I was thinking of getting a new one anyway. Should I just be looking at9″ axles? I’d prefer not to get a D60. I recall you mentioning puttingcertain ends, I think they were a ford type, on an 8.75″ housing so thatdiscs can be installed. Is there someone who sells that setup all donealready on a housing? Thank you.



Why not simply use a brake kit (Master Power, Scarebird, etc.) that usesbrackets the same gauge as the drum supports were? Then no bearing change isneeded – 100% bolt-on.

The other alternative is to just narrow the hosing the slight amount needed,or get axles that amount longer.

I used those Ford sealed bearings (and “ends”) on a ’64-down 8¾” housingthat originally had tapered axles. That kind of work is done by DTS, Moser,Strange, etc, and Moser has all-new fabricated 8¾” housings made any wayyou’d like

As it sounds like you know, Green (ball) wheel bearing don’t last very longon the street.


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