’88 Plymouth Voyager OD Trans

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AJ Haffly, McClure, PA, 1988 Plymouth Voyager 135

Yeah, I know it’s not a hot rod or a hot rod wannabee, but I have a serious question. I bought this beasty with an automatic OD transaxle in it, but the original transaxle did not have OD. I can get the right steering column so I can tell I am in the right gear. But, How can I wire it up so I can utilize the OD function? I do know where the van is that the OD transaxle came out of and I was going to yank the steering column out of that one for mine. Should I grab more such as wiring haness or is there an easier solution? Thanks.



There’s quite a few things wrong here. Very much so!

First of all, as far as I know, there’s never been an overdrive automaticmade for the Trenton I-4 (i.e, 2.2 and 2.5L). The 4-speed was only availablewith the 3.0, 3.3, amd 3.8L V-6.

Then there’s another factor that makes your question basically unanswerable:the overdrive tranny, the A-604, is totally different than the hydraulicA-413/670. The 604 (pronounced slip-oh-four) is 100% electronic, it’s needsa special, dedicated computer to shift. Without this hooked up – a bazillionwires – it’s a one-speed: second gear!

Any chance you are mistaking a lockup torque comverter version of the3-speed 413/670 for an overdrive tranny?


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