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Mike Finnegan, Minneapolis, MN, 1971 Dodge Dart slant 6

This qustion may have been asked before. Is it possible toswap in a modern 5.7 liter Hemi, and add a 6 speed manual transmission,similar to what comes in a newer Challenger, into a classic like a DodgeDart? I’m looking to build a dailey driver that runs on pump gas, fuelinjected, etc. I have seen several complete engines from Chrysler 300’s forsale on Ebay, and thought about swapping one into my Dart. Will it fit?How hard would that swap be?

Yes, in fact, we have covered many such swaps — everybody and his brotheris swapping in 3G Hemis these days. Pretty much everything you need isavailable. Exception: To fit the bulbous Tremec 6-speed, you need somefairly radical floor pan / torsion bar crossmember surgery. Easier, by far,to use the Passon 5-speed. Then it practically installs itself!

The ’09-up 5.7L is a better (and more powerful) version, as are, obviously,the 6.1 and 6.4L variants.



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