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Brett Jmaiff, Castlegar, BC, Canada, 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger 360

Hey Rick.I always love reading your insight. I have a couple questions regarding cylinder head choice and intake manifold choice for my mild 360 build. It’s bored 0.030″, with 10:1 K.B. pistons and a Purple Shaft 268/272 adv. duration. The intake choices in my possesion are: 1) Edelbrock 318/360 Performer and 2) Stock cast iron 4 barrel. I also have a 3 sets of heads in my possesion. First set is 318 “Fast Burn” cast #4323302. Second set is 1973/76 360 cast #3671587. And third set is 1978 360 cast #4027569. I am in a choice dilema. I’m not sure which combination to use to create a crisp Hot Daily Driver. It will rip along pretty good anyway, but, I don’t like having the “What if’s” running around in my brain after it’s all together wondering if I made the right choices! Your insight will be hugely appreciated,

Thank you.



All the heads are junk, sorry. The realistic choices are:

> 89-92 360 heads (#308)
– or –
> The Indy / RHS heads
– or –
> Any Magnum head

If you used the EQ Magnums, you’d make some SERIOUS power. But, of course, you’ll need a different manifold. With your mild cam, you’d still be up around 350-360 HP (assuming headers).

Of your 2 manifolds, the stocker makes more power, but the Ed is lighter…a real quandary!


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