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Jayson Fleming, Roseville, MI, 1964 Dodge Dart GT 340

I recently removed this 340 due to lack of power.
Duringinspecting I found the thrust face bearing was wiped out so bad that thecrank could travel about .040-.050 endplay. Could a bad convertor or flexplate cause this kind of damage? The flex plate is a B&M and when placed ona flat surface has maybe .010 rock when you push on one end. When I removedthe convertor screws the convertor spun freely before the engine wasremoved.
Thanks for the help. Jayson


No. The beefy converter shell kind of “straightens” the flex plate whenbolted up, and the real torque converter support comes from pilotingdirectly in the crank’s rear hub and the trans’s front pump bushing.

I suspect too much thrust clearance to begin with. Probably, the crank istrash.



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