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andre noel, dorval, QC, oh canada, 1966 plymouth fury wagon 360

Hi Rick, mx, when my Taylor plug wires get wet, my 360won’t idle, dies like in S turns off downhill hiway exits with no morepower steering in blizzards, so what’s the solution, convulite tubingcovering the wires? I hafta park it somewhere for ten minutes till they dryand then I’m good again. Was there ever a solution for this? I’d Love toleave a donation, but my credit cards are frozen.

Thanks, André.


It is probably not an ignition problem. The intake manifold is cooling offeffectively simulating a cold start condition – i.e., it is running lean.

Best guesses:

Heat crossover passages blocked with carbon (in heads and intakemanifold).
– or –
Exhaust manifold heat control valve is stuck open.



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