340 Steel Crank

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Mike Mulvaney, Altamont, IL, 1976 truck D200 225

I worked in a shop that ground crankshafts, cams, rods…Ihave never come across a steel 340 crank. I know that we have 318 steelcranks, and it seems the 360 has different kinds of iron used. My Dad workedthere for 47 years says he hasn’t had one come in either, other thanaftermarket strokers.

Can you please,please finish this question once and for all!!?? Thanks, The whole damn world.



He’s never seen one beacuse they are all on eBay.

Seriously, every 340 – EVERY 340 – built from the beginning, in the fall of 1967, through mid – 1972, was drop-forged steel. I still have at least on NOS one, and I’ve worked on, literally, dozens, Your Dad has led a sheltered life! (Of course, 47 years ago, there weren’t many out there.) Also realize that for every 340 built, there were probably 200 318s and a hundred 360s, so they’re kinda outnumbered.


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