Fuel Vapor Return Line

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Peter Johnson, Edina MN, 1963 Dodge 440, 440

I just finished reading Project Bold Beeper, Installment#13 and you mention a few times under the picture captions about installingand benefiting from a fuel vapor return line. The benefits were not apparentto me so could you please tell me what they are and how they work?

Thanks, and this is a great series.



The vapor return line stops the all-too-common symptoms of fuel percolationand vapor lock. Some common manifestations of these maladies are:

> The carb floods after the engine is shut off on a hot day
> The car “runs out of gas” on the highway – with a full tank
> Restarts after a hot-soak are very difficult

The fuel-constantly-thru-the-carb setup I described in detail works best,’cause it actually “liquid cools” the carb, but even the simple 3-nipplefuel filter is a great, easy upgrade.


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