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steve collins, Hauppauge, NY, 1980 dodge D300 p/u 360

I had bought this dodge D300 Dully with the original 360 and 42000 miles in 2003. It now has about 45000 miles. I use it for towing to the local track here on Long island. Soon I will be getting a slide-in camper and start towing to other tracks out of state with my wife and Jr. I would like to know if you think I should change the head gaskets because the truck sat most of its life. Or – if its not broke don’t fix it? Need to know!

Nope. Iron heads, iron block = head gaskets good almost forever.

Sorry your truck is such a dully. I prefer mine with a bit of guts, spunk,and fire! Yes, stock, the 1980 truck 360 was pretty much of a pig,performance-wise, but it was extremely reliable — even positive valverotators!



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