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Pete Helm, Minneapolis, MN, 1964 Plymouth Belvedere 318

Hi Rick,
I’m having a heck of a time getting the frontdrum brakes off the ’64 Belvedere I own. This is the fist time I haveattempted the removal of them. I am starting with the passenger side first,There is not too much rust, there is a large circular spring that goesaround the drum, not sure what that is, and I have the wheel off of course,the car is supported with jack stands and I’m ready to start pounding witha hammer. the 5 bolts on the hub have what looks like a small fitted washertype fitting on each bolt right up flush with the drum, but I am not sure ifthat is part of the drum where the bolts slide thru. I have sprayedpenetrating spray to help dissolve the rust but with a light pry with asmall sharp screwdriver, the little sleeve-like things don’t move. Pleasetell me the easiest way to remove the drums so I can replace the brakeshoes. I have been searching for a service manual but have not fond oneyet. Thanks for any help you can provide. I’m out in the garage right nowworking on it, I’ll hold up until i hear back from you.
Regards, Pete


Pete- Whoa!
The drums are basically integral with the hub. You remove themas an assembly by removing the center grease cap, then the cotter pin, nutlock, then the large nut. Then you simply pull the whole deal straight off,if you’re not careful, the outer bearing will fall onto the floor, the innerwill be held in place by the seal.

The spring is just a noise dampener. Removal does nothing.

The only possible impediment to removal is if the drum is worn (a ridgeinside) and the adjusters are tight, then you need to back off theadjusters, using a brake “spoon”, until there’s plenty of slop.

Normally, if required, drum machining is done with the drum still on thehub. Factory replacements always came with a new hub installed.

I guess the service procedures for front drums are becoming a lost art!


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