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Andy Pelton, Grand Rapids, MI, 73, Dodge Dart Swinger 340

Mr. Ehrenberg,
I got my hands on a free ’72 340 engine to put in my Dart. The enginehowever has the cast iron water pump on it (why I have not changed to analuminum pump is another story, and is probably the source of my problem).I am having some issues with belt alignment between the alternator and thewater pump. The alternator pulley will not sit square to the water pumppulley. I have tried several fixes, but nothing solves the problemcorrectly. I am about ready to make my own spacer set. Would you happen tohave in your “Library of Congress” sized print collection, a print thatgives any dimensions of what the spacing between the alternator and theblock is? Something to make by eyeball trail-and-error method go a littlebit easier would be greatly appreciated.

Andy, what you are asking for, unfortunately, does not exist – the factoryassembly drawings do not give any dimensions, just components and hardwarerelationships, fastener torque values, and part numbers. And, even if theydid, they would just show stock parts. Trying to use post-’70 pulleys (i.e.,from an aluminum-pump SB) on a ’69-down iron pump isn’t easy, as you’veproven.

If you don’t want to use a complete setup from either group (including,obviously, all pulleys, brackets, radiator, hoses, etc.) the you’re in thatnetherland where you’ve gotta grind spacers, shim pulleys, etc., in afrequently-futile effort to find acceptable belt alignment.

Remember, reproduction puleys and brackets exist!



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