Swaybar To Early A-Body

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Larry Bischoff, Central Point, OR, 1962 Dodge Lancer GT 408

I would like to install a rear sway bar to my early A-bodybut I have moved the springs inward 3″ with the MP kit and have narrowed the8 3/4 rear. Any ideas on how this could be done? The front end has polybushings, .92″ torsion bars, Addco 1-1/8″ sway bar and your “famous” diskbrake conversion. Tires are 295-50 rear & 195-50 front. Is this worth thetrouble or just another XXX idea?


Larry, frankly, I prefer getting rear roll resistance from spring rate alone(although I’m in the minority on this). But with those tiny front / big rearskins, big T-bars and front sway bar, you probably have lots of understeer,which a rear bar WOULD certainly help. But as speeds increase, it mightsuddely transition into oversteer, which might be pretty scary, especiallyif any 18-wheelers or brick walls are nearby.

So, basically, YOU have to make the judgement as to how bad the understeeris now. If it’s real bad, I’m sure Dick Ross at Firm Feel, Inc., who nowforges swaybars in-house, could make up what you need. So, my onlysuggestion: Keep it pretty small, maybe 5/8″, 3/4″ max.


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