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Dave Ellison, Palo Alto, CA, 1964, Dodge, 880, 361

Hey folks,
I have seen numerous build ups of 440s , stroked out 400s, but I was wondering why is it that no one is beefing up 361s? Is it that 440s and 400s are so easy to get and thus making more sense…and more power? I like the performance of the 361 and like the idea of doing something different. Is there something about 361s that would make a build up a waste of time? I don’t want to spend a lot of money and desired horse power is around 300, for a street driven car that is otherwise perfect.
Your thoughts and advice?


since the 361 and 400 weigh the same, are the same size, and are virtually identical in all respects, except the 400 has a much larger bore size, the 361 is, yes, a waste of time. If 361 cubes is all you want,build a smallblock 360 – way lighter and more compact.

And used 440s are plentiful, cheap, and, the later thinwall ones aren’tmuch heavier than your 361, and typically come with much better heads than you have now, making 400+ HP super-easy.

If you only want 300 HP you have one easy choice: Chevy!


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