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Alfredo Cuevas, Los Angeles, CA, 1968 Dodge Charger 383

My 1968 Charger is making a loud knocking noise. I thinkit’s from the heads, the passenger’s side. Please advise on how to fix thisknocking.

Alfredo, if it’s more like a “clacking”, it could be a broken or crackedrocker arm, loose rocker shaft bolts, or bent pushrod. Just take off thevalve cover and have a look.

Beyond that, it’s much more serious. The least would be a bent valve, theworst would be a bad rod bearing / scored crank, cracked piston / scoredcylinder wall, etc. At that point, it’s time to pull the engine and have alook-see. As in, take it all apart and prepare to open wallet – wide.

Loud knocking noises aren’t good. Ignoring them invites total destruction,usually soon.


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