’74 Dart Discs For ’68 ‘Cuda

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Tom Richards, Rising City, NE, 1968 Plymouth Barracuda 225

I have a 1968 Barracuda with drum front brakes. I have achance to get a disc brake set up off of a 1974 Dodge Dart Sport. Will thisset up fit on my Barracuda? Will the K-member from this Dart fit on myBarracuda? Would it be better to put the entire K-member set up on myBarracuda? I plan on putting a 360 in it.



First, I should say that I hope you read this. I replied to you personally,but your ISP sent back my e-mail with this note:

“tr35329@alltel.com… User unknown”

I wish everybody who writes, who is not 100% sure of their own e-mailaddress, would simply send themselves a test e-mail first. You’d be amazedat the percentage that bounce back to me for a bad address!

Anyway, as much, or as little, of the Dart stuff will bolt right in to your’Cuda. Especially if the Dart is an 8-cylinder car, I’d recommend theK-member and all, ’cause then you’ll have the advantage of the spool-typeengine mounts.

The details of the disc swap can be found right on moparaction.com, athttps://www.moparaction.com/Tech/archive/disc-main.html


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