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Chris Zielsdorf, Rainier, OR, 1976 Plymouth Volare 360

I would like to change my upper control arms. I would likea tubular set so I can run an 8 inch wheel. If not, how difficult is it tomodify mine? I don’t have a whole lot of money for custom built pieces, soI would like to keep the cost low. I know that wasthinking about making them, but they said they didn’t have enough interestand didn’t make them.


First of all, the factory 15 x 8″ wheel clears with NO mods- Volare StreetKit Cars and Super Coupes had ’em, OEM standard equipment!

Then, if you upsize to 16″ or 17″ wheels, the problem totally goesaway…you can go 9″ wide if you’d like.

Typically, the interference point is the ball joint top, anyway – eventubular arms don’t change this.



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