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I have recently purchased two 340 blocks.
One is ’69 and the other a ’73. Both came to me with cranks. I couldntpass on either deal and figured I could sell the one I don’t keep. Thequestion….which should I keep? Does one have an advantage over the other?
I plan on building it into a 6 bbl. for street use. Any advice??

Larry, the blocks are basically identical. I’d keep whichever one is in thebest condition – free of cracks, smallest bores, etc. All else being equal,keep the ’73, since the ’69 will, for resto-numbers reasons, probably bringmore $$$. And your car is a ’73, although it doesn’t sound like originalityis important to you.

The ’73 crankshaft is cast iron, and so the earlier forging is preferable.



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