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Road Runner Hemi R/TX

By Nick Brunt Translated from the Polish by Mel Coznowski Photos by Bill Erdman In spite of our smart remarks, the Willoughby-built ’69 Road Runner Hemi R/TX is nicely done and very show worthy. Custom silver color was formulated

’69 440 Intake

Tech Question Jim Johnson, Lawton OK, 1969 Dodge Charger 440 Rick, I just traded for a 440 for my '69 Charger and itcame with a cast iron factory dual four barrel manifold (inline carbs)casting number 2264877, along with 2 - 500…

’69 Vs. ’73 340

Tech Question I have recently purchased two 340 blocks. One is '69 and the other a '73. Both came to me with cranks. I couldntpass on either deal and figured I could sell the one I don't keep. Thequestion....which should I keep?…

Unrestored ’69 Hemi GTX

Mopar Action Article ExtraGTX-CELLENT Jim Bodanis’ 13,000-mile unrestored 1969 Hemi GTX survivor shows many details that surprised even some of the resto “experts” in the hobby. Just goes to show there’s always something new to learn.…