Diesel Wannabe

Hi Rick, ’74 Challenger. I’m running a440 with 4-Bbl, dual-plane intake, Eddieheads, TTi headers, 3" exhaust, and a0.509” purple-shaft in some really hot summerweather right now. I have replaced my180-degree thermostat with a 190 and


I am venturing back into theworld of smallblocks and have a transmissionquestion. My platform is a 1973Charger (the actual car from the TV showBurn Notice) and the plan is to use a 1988-1992 LA motor with factory TBI (I know,nonadjustable

Gear Head

We showed you how to tune your engine. Now your drivetraingoes under our microscope for more speed(s) for your steed.STORY & PHOTOS By Richard Ehrenberg, SAE NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS FOR IDENTIFIACTION, REFERENCE AND HISTORICAL

Frank In Da Hood

I have a ’71 Demon 340, I replaced thestock engine hood with a fiberglass hoodand a six-pack hood scoop. The springslocated on the hinges are way too stiff. Isthere an aftermarket alternative substitutefor the springs, or what would you

Tune Up

I have recently purchasedan AM/FM radio with 8-track formy ’78 Plymouth Volaré SuperCoupe. I need to know wherethe wires go. I have a red forpower, then an orange for thelight. What I need is where theyellow, white, green, purple,and 2

Rack Your Brains

2003 Dodge Caravan. Thesteering rack is leaking. Mybook doesn’t show a pieceby piece of the rack. What isneeded and how to I seal thatthing up?If the inner tie rod bootis leaking, that’s prima facieevidence that the inner sealis leaking,

Let It Bleed

Can silicone brake fluid go bad? I have apartial gallon of Dow brand that has gonegolden brown in color and has objectsresembling bread crumbs floating in it. Ibought the full gallon about 20 years ago,but it has been well sealed since. If

Hot Stuff

What is the reason for the new 5.7 literHemi R/T engine having 14.5 quartcapacity cooling systems and using a203°F thermostat? The capacity seemstoo small for an advertised 370 HPengine. The 203°F thermostat keeps theengine close to the

Cracked Up

I disassembled my 318 Magnum andfound this on the rear main , is this a casting flaw or didsomething bad happen? I know it has asmall hole, but I have never seen a rearmain with a hole that big, is it safe toreuse? Reader Magni found

Caravan Crisis

My sister has a 2006 Grand Caravan, sheis sure it needs a new turn signal switchand she had asked me to change it. Ido most stuff on my ‘66 Dart, but I don’twork much on newer cars, is it somethingI should attempt? The multifunction

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