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Do ya have, by any freak chance, one of
your famous engineering blueprints for
the front disc brakes on a ’68 Imperial? I
am gathering parts to swap mine to discs.

Actually, the factory parts catalogand service manual aren’t bad, but the engineering
drawing is more complete. See below.
These brakes were pretty beefy, and
shared little with C-bodies excepting the
Budd 4-piston calipers. Bigger bearings,
grease caps, wheel bolt pattern, etc.
I wish you luck. You’ll need it.

1966-’68 Imperials used unique disc brakes, with bigger bearings, lug pattern, etc. Note
cooling vents in splash shields. Calipers were Budd (same as 1965-’68 C-Body), the only
automotive brakes they ever made, as they were primarily a body supplier—both automotive
and railway (even prototype NYC subway cars). They folded in 2014, but if you ride an Amtrak
dual level car, or a M3 commuter rail car in the NYC suburbs, you’re in a Budd!
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