I bought a 1972 Charger, shell only, a few
years ago. It was a U-code, 4-speed car.
OK, I have been gathering parts for 3
years and am now assembling it. I found
an 18-spline correct A833 (dual shifter
bosses) and a pistol grip shifter (which
came from, I think, a ’73 ’Cuda) with all
linkage rods, the aluminum mount, etc,
since I was told that E-body and ’71-up
B-body 4-speed parts are the same.
Yesterday I trial-fitted it for the first time,
and the shifter is way too far back to line
up with the hole in the floor. What am I
missing here?

A lot. Here’s the deal: All E-bodies, as you
know, used the rear shifter mounting position,
as do all ’71-up B-bodies—except—
bench seat cars. They used an intermedi

ate shifter mount cantilevered off the front
mounting bosses, using a super-beefy,
cast-iron adapter piece, this provided
bench seat-to-shift-lever clearance. See
photo, .You have two avenues of approach: If
you are installing buckets, you can swap
the floor pan tunnel stamping (AMD P/N
415-1570), again, see photos and
retain the rearmost shifter position. Otherwise,
you can open your wallet wide for
the correct bench seat shifter parts, which
are, as far as I’m aware, available used
only, check Passon and Brewer’s.

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