Lane Change



My grandfather has a 1968 Dodge Coronet
440, 318 engine, 4-door, automatic.
I am now allowed to drive it sometimes.
My father has a ’69 Charger which I have
also driven.
The Charger, when you put on the
signal blinker, it clicks into position, until
you make a turn or click it back off. The
Coronet, though, allows you to sort of

push halfway, then let go and it pops
back to off. The newer cars I have
driven seem to be this way. I did
some research and found out that
this spring-back started in 1970.
Who does my grandpa’s ’68 work
like this?

This feature was called “lane change
turn signals” (LCTS) and was introduced
on 1970 Mopars. Since the
mid-’70s, however, all replacement
’69-down switches sold by Chrysler
had this feature, as kind of a bonus
retrofit. So, your grandfather’s ’68
simply had a new, genuine Mopar,
switch installed at some point.
Your father’s ’69 either has the
original switch, or a current reproduction
(non-OEM), all of which
were (foolishly, to me) made to the
’69-down “no LCTS feature” specs

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