I need some clarification on a 1970
Dodge Challenger R/T SE. The one I
am looking at has a VIN that begins
JS29N0B, but I thought that JS means a
plain R/T model? What am I missing?

For 1970 this truly was a bit confusing.
Here’s how it played out. The SE was a
step-on model of both the base and R/T
Challengers, so you could have a JH or JS
Special Edition. The SE, as I’m sure you
know, used a smaller backlight (rear window)
which was achieved via a fiberglass
adapter plug in the standard body roof
stamping. To differentiate SEs from other
Challengers, the factory designated the
plugged models as fastbacks, and used
the body designation “29”, as was used
on real fastbacks, such as the Duster,
1967-69 Cuda, ’66-’67 Charger, etc.
The SE, as a separate model, was discontinued
for 1971, but the same small
backlight was available as the
A78 “formal roof” option.

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