Torsion Tweak


I would like to upgrade my ’68 Coronet
Super Bee (383) from 0.88˝ to 0.96˝ torsion
bars. How hard is it to swap them?
Anything else need to be removed? Any
of your famous tips or tricks?

It is really pretty easy, especially when
compared to Phords and Shivvys (coil
springs). You need not even remove the

wheels! Here’s an abbreviated step-by-step,
find photos below.

  1. Measure and record the ride height, at
    any convenient point, on both sides of
    the car.
  2. Jack up the car and place jack stands
    under the rails. Wheels must not be in
    contact with ground (i.e., no ramps,
    drive-on lifts, etc.)
  3. Back off the T-bar adjusting screws
    until they flop around loose.
  4. Look at the upper control arm rebound
    bumper. If it is touching the upper control
    arm, get the wheels contacting the
    ground again, remove the bumpers,
    then re-elevate the car.
  5. Remove the circlips at the back of the
    bar(s). Any pliers will work for this.
  6. If you have the factory or aftermarket
    tool, clamp the bar in any convenient
    spot, then hammer rearwards. Basically,
    you are done.
    6A. Lacking the factory tool, remove the
    lower control arm stud nut, place a very
    large pry bar between the lower control
    arm and the K-member. Pry rearwards,
    the bar will pop out, if it doesn’t move
    rearwards enough, you may need to
    loosen the tension strut hardware, or
    grasp the rear hex with a very large
    water pump pliers and pull it out.I
    Installation is basically the reverse:
  7. Clean old grease from both hex sockets
    front and rear.
  8. Slide boots on the new bars. There is
    no front or rear, only left or right. All
    OEM bars are marked “R” and “L”, and
    the lower P/N (the even number, too) is
    always the right side.
  9. Slime some long-fiber sodium grease
  10. in the front socket (Mopar P/N
  11. 4897841AA), slip the bar in, pack the
  12. rear anchor totally FULL of grease.
  13. Hammer it in as far forward as it will go,
  14. slip the boot on, install circlip.
  15. Adjust ride height. If you duplicate the prior dimensions, no front end alignment will be necessary.
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