A Big Fan


Can you tell me the correct fan for my
1967 Dodge Polara?

Depending on engines, A/C or no, and
various options, there were no fewer than
7 different fans possible. Are were steel
except 375 which was aluminum. The
possibilities are:
1947907– 4 blade – Slant 6, no air
2806822– 6 blade – Slant 6, police
2780920– 4 blade – Slant 6 with A/C
2265034– no blade count listed – All big-blocks
w/o A/C or tow pkg
2843225– 7 blade – Big blocks w/ increased
2585375– 7 blade – Big and small blocks
w/ A/C
2585376– 7 blade – Similar to 375, but all

…and this list is only one year, one platform!
Furthermore, the parts book gave
no indication which (if any) were flex
blade fans, and which combos were
equipped with fluid or thermal-control
clutches. Only your broadcast sheet
knows for sure!

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