Loose Fury


I am looking to

upgrade my 1960 Plymouth

Fury 318 single-barrel carb to

a four barrel by using a manifold

#1828103 and a Carter

AFB 28065 with the matching

air cleaner. Are these parts

interchangeable, and will it still

be considered original? I don’t

want to do this if it will loose

points on originality.

If it was a single-barrel, you

have an extremely rare car that

I’d like to see, I’d sure not touch

it. If the car was originally 2-Bbl,

it could never be “original” with

a 4-Bbl. However, if done with

OEM components, very few

people would be aware of your


The 4-Bbl Power Pak was an

option, which also included a

slightly warmer camshaft. The

correct AFBs were: 2921A (manual)

and 2925S (automatic).

These parts are a simple


Hey, loose points are better

than tight ones, I guess.

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