Are It A B


There’s a debate going on at one of the
Mopar forums I’m on. Galen
Govier lists the ’79 Cordoba
and Magnum as an R-body
but everyone insists it’s a B. I
know it was a B up until ’78 but
there’s heated debate about the
’79. What do you say?

They are most assuredly
B-bodies. The ONLY R-body
cars were:
• Plymouth Gran Fury, 1980-’81
• Dodge St. Regis, 1979-’81
• Chrysler Newport, 1979-’81
• Chrysler New Yorker, 1979-’81
Having said that, note this:
While the body shells are totally
different between the two lines,
the basic platforms are virtually
identical, for this reason, some
sections of the ’79 parts catalog
lumped them together under
“R”, creating the confusion.

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