Torqued Up


That “Get a Grip” story was excellent,
and gave me the courage to tear into my
spare 3.55 pumpkin. Everything is going
as you instructed so far, but I’m not certain
about the carrier bearing preload spec. I
did as you said, but to get to the .006 min.
I had to really crank down on the pass side
adjuster quite a bit, then even more to have
the lock align with the holes. I’m guessing I
tightened it to about 35-40 ft.-lbs. The ring
gear still turns with some drag, but it doesn’t
feel overly tight, I think? Does that sound
excessive? It has new carrier bearings.

Sounds totally OK, all will be good. Usually
the torque required is even greater,
the specs on the later axles
(9¼˝) was 75 ft.-lbs.

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