T-Rex (T is for Trash)


This is not a tech question, but I’m sure
others have wondered what to do with the
old original parts. I have a 1956 Plymouth
Sports Suburban that I recently installed a
5.7 Hemi with the 5-speed auto and an 8¾˝.
People have told me to keep the old 277 V8,
PowerFlite trans and original complete rear
end to go with the car when I eventually sell
it (maybe five years from now).
Any recommendations?

Admittedly, your original powertrain
doesn’t fit into the Street Hemi, 440-6, or

Max Wedge category, but, my answer is not
any different: Keep everything. Picture this
scenario: Five years from now, somebody’s
perusing your car as a potential buyer.
He says, “Sure, Rex, I’d give you $20K for
it—no problem—but I want to put it back to
100% stock….” What do you say?
Of course, if you have to pay $250 a
month for a storage locker, that’s a different
situation. And if someone offers you
big bucks for the Poly powertrain now, then
maybe, but just maybe.

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