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I’m in the middle of rebuilding my 1971
Super Bee. My question is about the rear
bumper brackets. The bumper I removed
was a ’72-’74 with the notch cut out for the
bumper jack tongue. I need to know if the
brackets are ’71 or newer. The only numbers
I could find are 3464430 and 84239A
on one side. The other side is 3464431
and 84239A.

First, remember that ’71s built after early
June 1971 also had the jacking slots, so
check your build date.
The part numbers you quoted are,
indeed, correct for 1971 Chargers, but
they are also correct for ’72; they were
unchanged during that time period. ’73-’74
was, however, a totally different animal (P/N
3686658 (right) and 659 (left).

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