Catch Me If Your Can


What is your opinion of PCV
catch cans for modern Mopar musclecars?
There is a lot of debate over at the Challengertalk
forum. Many good pros and
cons. I’m a cheap-ass so if I don’t really
need one I’d like to know.

Yeah, PCV pullover has been a problem
since PCV was introduced in the ’60s.
Basically, PCV and race cars don’t mix.
The factory has come up with all manner
of patches — valve cover baffles and
vacuum restrictors — for at least three
decades. In fact, Mopar just released a
new PCV-side valve cover for new Vipers
to minimize this very problem.
What I’ve been doing for almost as
many decades is use a 1-quart “Summit”
translucent plastic catch can, I mount
the PCV valve (with grommet) in the top,
plumbed to vacuum, and screw a fitting
in about halfway up the side, plumbed
to the valve cover/crankcase. After a
few dozen laps, there are usually a few
ounces of nasty oil in the bottom, the
drain valve allows easy emptying.
The whole deal costs maybe $15 and
can be adapted to any engine.
PCV pullover is very nasty, oil is very
low octane (think: detonation), and creates
carbon buildup in the chambers, and
must be avoided.

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