Wiped Out


Can you tell me if the
wiper motor from a 1970 Dodge Charger
(3-speed) could be used temporarily on
a 1967 Dodge Coronet (original variable
speed) without modification? I am trying
to finally get my Coronet to the Mopar
Nationals but found the wiper motor completely
burned up inside upon inspection. If
the Charger motor would work I have one
on my 1970 Charger R/T that could be used
until I get a replacement for the 1967 unit.
Or if you know of a supplier that has the
1967 unit available I will just purchase one.
I have only been finding the 1968 and up
models or $300.00 ones online.

As near as I can tell from the parts book, no
way. Remember that the ’67 was a 2nd generation
B‑body, while the ’70 was 3G. All the
linkage was different, as was the park mechanism,
resulting in wiper motor differences (and
the ’67 could have had a Leece‑Neville or
General Instrument brand motor).
Given time, and some fabrication/
modification work, it might be made to work,
especially if you use all the ’67 linkage bits,
but bolt in? Plus, there’s the electrical differences…
An interesting side note: When we
were caravaning recently from Melbourne,
Australia, to the big Chryslers on the Murray
car show in Albury-Wodonga, with about
50 Mopars, a real cool guy we
had lunch with explained that
his Mopar (a Road Runner) had
“voice command wipers.” OK,
we’ll bite. Seems his wipers had
crapped out, it was raining, and
the state cops are known to be
major-league ballbusters there.
So…he had his nephew curled
up in the passenger footwell.
When he saw a cop, he’d yell: “wipers,” and
the kid would move the main linkage rod to
and fro.

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