Déjà Vu


Classic recreation of a bygone-era Hilborn-injected altered wheelbase ’65 Factory
Experimental Coronet.

By Scot Longman Photos by TheBruntBros

Tim has built about a dozen cars (all Mopars) mostly Super Stock replicas for himself. This is his first altered
wheelbase attempt. It’s on the style of Bud Faubel’s “Hemi Honker

Let’s say you woke up one morning and realized that you were a dead ringer for David Crosby, of Crosby
Stills and Nash. We mean, that sounds like the sort of thing you should capitalize on, doesn’t it? If it were us, we’d book lots of really big gigs, collect the advances, show up early, hit the open bar, and then sky off with the groupies just before showtime. But Tim Hennessey is too good a guy for that kind of behavior. So that leaves: what to do?

Tim’s decision was overwhelming influenced by the reality that he’s been suffering from advanced, chronic Moparidia for decades. Okay, with that out of the way, which car do you pick? Well, for context, Tim’s
first-ever new car was a ’71 440 6-Bbl Road Runner, with the Super Track Pak. He wanted it badly enough that he ordered it before his first job actually started. He received his first paycheck on exactly the day that the first payment on the ’Runner was due. He still has the car. Tim went on to add a stable full of other suitable sociopathy, including a ’64 factory Race Hemi and a factory Hemi Dart, which graced the long-ago cover of the
second issue (Dec. 1989) of Mopar Action. He even went so far as to do a station-wagon clone of an A990 car. So, you get the idea that he’s already far enough down Radical Road that there’s no chance of towing him
out. Turns out that a more than 40-year-old memory gave him the answer here: He’d been a big fan of Super Stock and A/FX racer Bud Faubel and his ’65 Dodge A/FX “Hemi

(Bottom) This is (A) David Crosby, (B) Tim Hennessey (C) Bill Clinton (D) Richard
Ehrenberg. (Answer in next issue.) (Top) Dodge decklid emblem is replaced
by a Crosby, Stills & Nash logo. Cooler than skull and crossbones.

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