Fan Plan


I’m wondering if you could provide
some guidance? I am installing a 2998328
fan shroud in my 1973 Challenger with
a 440. I’ve been using the HD clutch fan
successfully for years but with the shroud
installed I have about ¼” clearance from the
bottom edge of the shroud to the fan blade.
The top edge is closer to ½”. My thinking
was that it needs the clearance to the top
to allow for torque-over. In your experience,
will this be enough or am I tempting fate?
The engine mounts are new, but they are
just the rubber biscuits.

I assume you’re talkin’ radial clearance.
If so, you are waaaaay too tight. Assuming
OEM rubber engine mount insulators, you
need to find a smaller set of blades. Closer
to 1″ all around would make me comfortable,
although I know of no published
spec. The shroud opening is 20″ diameter
and the stock fans were 18¼” -18½” maximum,
many were 18″.

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