The First Funny Car


The last remaining of three 1964 S/FX “Dodge Chargers” has been restored and was offered for sale with a price tag of $2 million.

By Cliff Gromer Photos by TheBruntBros Vintage photos from the Frank Spittle Archives.

Frank Spittle has owned any number of
rare race-oriented Mopars. He’s sold off his
collection over the years, but he’s saved
the best—the only survivor of the three
original “Dodge Chargers” S/FX car, with
its original aluminum nose, for last. This is
some piece of Chrysler race history.

The chat boards were lighting up.
“Did you see it?” The buzz was
about a car on eBay. A 1964
Dodge 330 sedan with an asking
price of a cool $2 million. The Dodge was
being offered by Frank Spittle—a onetime
Top Fuel motorcycle racer turned car
collector. Frank has owned some rare and
interesting Mopars in his collecting days,
and we remember photographing his
original 1968 Hemi Dart, some 20 years
ago, restored in the gray primer with
black gelcoated fenders and hood that
it came with from the Hurst facility that
built these terrors. The photo shoot was
memorable to us because Frank made a
pass in the car, but forgot to secure the
hood pins. Frank has since sold off all of
his collectibles in recent years, and this
Dodge, the crown jewel in his stable, is
the last to go.
So what kind of Dodge sedan could
be worth this astronomical sum? The
answer: a milestone in drag racing—and
Chrysler—history. The first so-called
Funny Car. A machine that would change

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