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Jimmy Hovis, Ft. Hood, TX, 1973 Dodge Dart/Swinger/2dr 360+a lot

I wrote you a couple of months ago about getting the lashsettings for my Mopar Performance cam. Well, after putting about 20 miles onthe cam, the intake lobe wore off. Shoot, I haven’t even gotten to takeit down the track yet. I have spoke with RBRE and told them about theproblem I had, and they replied with,”it happens all of the time”. I havewritten Mopar Performance on this and they haven’t gotten back to me, itsbeen more than a week.

I just was wanting everyone out there to know what Iwas expierencing,and just get that word of caution out there. I just don’twant to see someone wasting thier money on a cam that could possibly failvery soon. By the way I love your articles!


I’m not so sure it’s MP’s fault. While it could be a surface hardeningproblem, my guess it was a break-in-caused problem. The secret is in thefirst 5 minutes of break-in. Not below 2500 rpm! Engine’s gotta startinstantly!

One thing that helps is polishing the new lifters (buffing wheel, rouge)until they are like a mirror. Like polished chrome!If you have killer springs, you can also prevent this headache by firstbreaking it in with stock 2-Bbl. springs, then swapping after a 1/2-hour ofrun time.

Or – Schubeck lifters, the ultimate fix.


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